How do I book a session?
You can book a session with me by filling out the form under the "Book With Me" page on my website, or by sending me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

What do I wear?
I always recommend my clients wear what they feel most comfortable in. However, I encourage my clients to be mindful of patterns that might clash with other outfits or the location they have chosen. If you need help choosing an outfit, ask me about a styling guide.

Where should we go?
I love when my clients ask to shoot at locations that are special to them! If you haven't thought about your location, that is okay, too! I have a variety of locations that I frequently shoot at so if you have a style in mind, I can likely find a location to match the aesthetic! 

How long does it take to get my photos back?
I usually work on my galleries in the order they were shot and I try to return them within 3-4 weeks. If there is a delay in receiving your gallery, I will absolutely communicate that with you. Sneak peeks will be released within 3 days of the session. Wedding galleries will be delivered within 8 weeks and a sneak peek given within one week.

What do you touch up when you edit?
In my editing process, I do not offer any body modification editing (altering the way that a person naturally looks). I will touch up any obvious blemishes and markings (scratches, bruises, etc.) that are not permanent. 

can i get the RAW images from our session?
RAW images will not be distributed to clients. RAW images are not an accurate representation of my creative ability as your photographer. So much more goes into delivering stunning images to you and it mainly happens during the editing process after our session. 
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